Tips For Those Big Trips In Your Rig

Bring Snacks

These big rig trips can take days, if not weeks, to complete. Being on the road for that long, you won’t always have a rest stop or an Arby’s down the street from you. So be sure to pack nutrient-filled snacks for these longs rides. Keeping satiated on the road is essential since lack of food can cause you, the driver, to become distracted or unalert. So stay safe and pack lots of snacks!

Stay Rested

Be sure to stop every so often to get sleep. At Moose Jaw Truck Shop, we understand that there is a deadline to meet, and you can sometimes get lost and lose track of time. Before you end up driving 10+ hours straight, set yourself a reminder to take a nap to refresh your mind and stay focused while driving. The recommendation is to catch a nap either late at night or early in the morning. Stay alert and stay safe with regular sleep breaks. 

Stay Hydrated

The same with bringing snacks along for the ride applies to drinking fluids. Most drivers tend to skimp on drinking in order to cut down on bathroom stops, but it is essential to stay hydrated. Poweraids, water, and other electrolyte-filled drinks are the best to pack since they hydrate you and keep your body nourished. 

Watch For Cars

Watch for cars! Cars are small, and they think since you are big and slow, they can drive around you with no issue. Stay alert and watch for car drivers since they can and will cut you off when driving. We both know that a big rig cannot stop as fast as a car, but car drivers think they can stop at the same rate. So watch for cars and stay alert.

Stay Focused

Follow these few tips, and you will be able to stay focused while driving on these long trips. Stay hydrated, keep satiated, and stay rested to remain alert and focused. This not only keeps you safe but others aswell. These tips are brought to you by the best diesel repair shop in Moose Jaw SK, Moose Jaw Truck Shop. While you ensure you are ready for the long trip, let us ensure your rig is ready for the journey with any repairs or services that may be needed. Give us a call today or visit our website to set an appointment.

Photo by claylib from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro