Four Common Causes of Semi-Truck Breakdowns

You don’t need to look any further than Moose Jaw Truck Shop for your semi-truck repair. We don’t want you to get into any trouble when you’re on the road, and semi-trucks are specialized pieces of machinery in which our mechanics are experts. We repair big rigs all the time. Here are four common causes of their breakdowns that we fix every day, so our customers can get going on their hauls.

1. Tire Problems

Trucking school prepared you for all types of tire emergencies. It cannot be stressed enough how much bad tires can put your rig in danger. About 50 percent of truckers get stranded on the side of the road because of tire problems, which is why a tire inspection before each trip is crucial. Your tires might fail during your next haul if they are underinflated, worn, or your axles are not aligned properly.

2. Brake Failure

You also learned in trucking school how to deal with brake failure, and even though you’re versed in the emergency procedures, it’d be much better if you never had to deal with brake trouble. In the United States, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found 29 percent of big rig accidents were caused by brake problems. Corrosion, wear, air leaks, and water contamination are the most common.

3. Electrical System Malfunctions

Another common reason why semi-trucks get sidelined is electrical system trouble. We can inspect, test, and repair your rig’s electrical system to ensure you don’t end up with alternator, battery, or starter trouble while on the road that can strand you. We can also fix electrical system malfunctions that corrode your rig’s battery connections and dim the lights or make them flicker or shut off completely.

4. Refrigerator Trailer Issues

If you drive a reefer unit, electrical system problems can damage your freight. These temperature-controlled trailers are crucial in the transport of refrigerated items, produce, and certain medical supplies. Electrical problems can affect a reefer unit, as can refrigeration motor trouble, thermostat issues, fluid leaks, calibration problems, condenser breakdown, block bulkheads, and faulty hoses.

Moose Jaw Truck Shop can inspect your semi-truck before you head out on your next haul or if you’re in the midst of your haul and just passing through. We offer same-day urgent repairs for drivers who need to get on the road or for drivers who are experiencing problems while on their route. Give a call and let us know you’re heading into our Moose Jaw, SK, truck repair shop.