Five Common Problems With Diesel Engines That Need Repair

Whether it’s a diesel work truck or a semi, you rely on your diesel engine every day. These engines are works of wonder, able to produce high compression and power while remaining fuel-efficient. If you’re in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, you don’t need to look any further than Moose Jaw Truck Shop for your diesel engine repairs and services. Here are five common problems we fix all the time.

1. Bad Glow Plugs

Glows plugs are a diesel engine’s “spark plugs.” They ignite the air/fuel mixture in the engine. These plugs can be defective from the get-go or go bad. Signs you’ve got a glow plug problem include difficulty starting your truck, especially during our cold winters in Moose Jaw, and noticeably rough engine idle and performance.

2. Black Exhaust

Yes, you will get some black exhaust from your diesel engine, but you shouldn’t see excess exhaust smoke. Too much black smoke indicates an issue with the diesel fuel itself or its delivery. Worn parts, such as the air filter, cylinder liners, fuel injectors, and valves can all cause excess black exhaust smoke to flow out of your tailpipes.

3. Contaminated Fuel

Certainly, if your diesel fuel is contaminated you might end up with excess black exhaust smoke. The fuel might be contaminated before you fill your truck with it, or it could be contaminated once in the truck through worn caps, gaskets, or seals. Common fuel contaminants include debris, soot, water, and even harmful micro-organisms.

4. Fuel Injector Problems

Fuel injectors wear down over time, especially if you drive a newer diesel engine that fires the injectors more often than older engines do. Even if your fuel injectors are cracked or worn, you might not notice a problem with your diesel’s engine performance unless the weaker combustion is severe or there’s oil in the fuel that is diluting it.

5. Power Decrease

Finally, many diesel engines will lose their power because of the weaker combustion caused by the fuel injectors, a dirty fuel filter, or loose throttle linkage among other issues. You might find it harder to start your diesel engine and notice it’s sluggish when you accelerate. This is definitely not normal and should be looked at right away.

You can count on Moose Jaw Truck Shop for all of your diesel engine repair and maintenance needs. We are a full-service diesel truck shop in Moose Jaw, SK, so give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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