Everyday Things Cars Do To Truck Drivers

Cut You Off

Cars are small on the road and think they own the road. Being a driver, you know how important it is to stay alert and watch for cars that can, and will, cut you off. They take advantage of the fact that it takes longer to get the rig moving, so they swerve in front to fill the gap. What they don’t realize is that, just like it takes longer to speed up, it takes longer than a car to slow down and stop. Most times, drivers are “slamming” on their brakes to stop in time. This can lead to your rig’s brakes wearing out faster than average. The good news is that if you require brake repairs or services and are in Moose Jaw SK, Moose Jaw Truck Shop is here for all your repair needs.

Get In Your Way For Turns

Driving a big rig requires more room to stop, merge lanes, and make turns. Some car drivers do not realize this and try to speed past you. Watch for these cars since your turns are so wide it will cut them off. If they are not careful, they could run into you. Most drivers and companies will provide drivers with warning labels to put on your rig to warn drivers about wide turns. Watch for cars trying to speed around you when making wide turns.


One other thing to watch for is drivers tailgating you. Car drivers want to and know they can go faster than your rig can physically go. This leads to tailgating. They will ride right up on the back of your trailer. This is an issue since most accidents are from tailgating, and they are in your blind spot when they tailgate. Not being able to see them is not only dangerous for you but them aswell. 

Get In Your Blind Spot

As you know, your rig has several blind spots when driving, and unfortunately, cars love to sit in those blind stops. This makes it unsafe for you and the other drivers. Again warning signs on your vehicle can help prevent this, but there is no guarantee. So stay safe out there by watching for these actions car drivers perform, and always check your mirrors. Moose Jaw Truck Shop in Moose Jaw SK is dedicated to keeping you safe on the roads. Whether it be with repairs, services, or helpful tips for your long drives, we are here to help.

Photo by vitpho from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro