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It should come as no surprise that Moose Jaw Truck Shop is the leading provider of diesel repair and diesel service in the Moose Jaw area. We have worked tirelessly to build a team of diesel experts Moose Jaw truck drivers can put their faith in. And we are dedicated to continuing that reputation through top quality work and friendly service.

When it comes to powerful engines, diesel engines are most commonly found in fleet vehicles, semi-trucks, pickup trucks, and municipality service vehicles. You might be surprised to know that diesel is also becoming a more popular choice for everyday, family vehicles. At Moose Jaw Truck Shop, we’re available to be your number-one service center for all diesel and traditional vehicles and trucks. We use the latest, state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to ensure that your diesel vehicle is operating as it should be. While most diesel engines are considered to be exceptionally reliable, they also require some special care and regular maintenance to stay in top working order.

Diesel engines should have their oil and filter changed at scheduled intervals. Since there are no electrical ignition parts in a diesel engine like spark plugs and wires, there are less components that need frequent maintenance. Regardless, you should always make sure that any regular maintenance your diesel vehicle needs is performed by a professional, highly trained shop like ours. We understand the many intricacies involved with working on diesel engines.

Common issues like a leaky gasket, cooling system issue, fuel system restrictions, dirty injectors, and overheating can easily be resolved by taking your diesel vehicle to our experienced, highly skilled team. Diesel engines usually cost more to build, and they’re typically considered an extra-cost option for most cars. Your cost of price of gas per gallon for your diesel engine can vary, and this often depends on where you live. Keep an eye on the gas prices and try to gauge how much per gallon you’re getting so you can calculate that into your purchase price when considering a diesel vehicle.

If you plan to tow heavy trailers or haul a heavy load, the extreme power combined with better fuel economy makes diesel engines a prime choice. Consider the amount of highway or city driving you do, since diesel vehicles do extremely well on saving fuel when driving on the highway. All vehicles, including diesel, require the proper maintenance to ensure that they’re operating safely and efficiently. Whether it’s an oil change, tire and wheel alignment, or a brake inspection, all components need to be properly maintained. Bring your vehicle to Moose Jaw Truck Shop where can give you the service you need to stay on the road safely. Today’s modern diesel engines run clean and much more refined than the diesel engines of the past. With proper maintenance at our shop, yours will run as good as new for many years to come.

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If you’re in need of diesel or gas-powered engine repair or service, make sure you contact Moose Jaw Truck Shop and give us a call to schedule your appointment today!


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