Common Causes of Big Rig Accidents

We have all of your big rig service and repair needs covered here at Moose Jaw Truck Shop. What we don’t have covered, aside from vehicle maintenance, is accident prevention. This is on you. We believe if you know the common causes of big rig accidents, this will help you avoid them. Here’s what they are.


Distracted driving is the most common cause of any accident. It’s easy to be distracted behind the wheel these days, but as a commercial truck driver, it’s crucial that you avoid distractions. Turn off your mobile phone, keep the music low, and keep your eyes on the road.

Driving Error

One reason why it’s important to keep your eyes on the road is to avoid driving errors. Keep an eye on your mirrors to see what’s behind you and on each side of you, and stay alert. We realize this is easier said than done on a long haul, but it’s important that you rely on your training to avoid driver error.


Whether you call it driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, both are illegal and should never be done in a big rig. It’s also important to stay away from recreational or illegal drugs. Even a beer after a long day can reduce your motor skills the next day.


One of the most common causes of big rig accidents is driver fatigue. You’re on the road all day long and you get tired. One way to reduce fatigue is to keep yourself hydrated and make plenty of stops along the way. Get out of your rig and move around to keep your blood circulating.


Speeding and overtaking are also common causes of big rig accidents. Know your rig and its limitations. Know the road conditions and their limitations, as well. Never drive faster than is recommended, especially in inclement weather. Don’t drive aggressively.

Unsecured Loads

An unsecured load can also cause an accident because the load shifts and throws off your weight balance. Always make sure to secure your loads completely so that the weight is distributed evenly in the trailer and your weight balance is easy to handle.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Finally, as we said in the introduction, we can help you avoid accidents by making sure your rig is always maintained properly. Poor vehicle maintenance can cause big rig accidents, including problems with the brake system, the steering system, or the suspension.

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Photo by kozmoat98 from Getty Images via Canva Pro